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The main concern for every HR team is keeping their current workforce happy.  This sounds simple, but we know that behind this simple statement is a web of complexity.  We can help you at each stage to achieve your goals.

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Agile workforce

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People enablement and agile workforces
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What does agility mean for HR?

The way employees want to work has changed.  This desire for flexibility, enabled by technology, has led to new practices that HR teams are having to embrace so that they remain the employer of choice.  At the heart of it all is the employee’s desire to be agile and to have a work-life balance that suits them.

We are seeing agility leading employers to introduce new policies and procedures. 


HR teams are having to look at issues around flexible and family-friendly policies, atypical working, greater job sharing and diversity. 


Employers are having to take into account the health and safety implications of greater numbers working remotely. 

All of this needs to be considered against the backdrop of how employee demands for agility can be handled without reducing the ability to meet customer demand.

How are we solving this?

Navigating the legal landscape - Modern ways of working, such as the much talked about GIG economy and zero-hours contracts, means the law in this area is evolving quickly to keep pace.  We can help you navigate the shifting legal landscape to make sure you don’t fall foul of the law. We can make sure that your policies and procedure are as future proofed as they can be and reflect the competing priorities that HR teams have.

Training – Training is vital to make sure that employers and employees know what the impact of being agile is.  Agility brings its own challenges – for example, how to have an impact remotely or managing teams – and training is a good way of making sure everyone understands what their legal obligations are, but also endows them with the skills to make a success of their way of working.

Coaching – Managers live and work in an environment which may be different to the environment they are used to.  Executive coaching can help leaders navigate this change and continue to have a positive impact when dealing with an agile workforce.


Consulting – Our consultants can help you find the right balance for your organisation.  What works for one company doesn’t necessarily work for all and with multiple stakeholders then finding the solution that fits is paramount.

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Employee development, engagement and retention

Wage growth
Career development
Mental health and well being
Empowering managers as leaders

Striking the right balance

Today’s workforce mirrors trends that we see in all aspects of modern life.  Employees want things faster, better and personalised - and if they aren’t happy they move on.  Employees look to their employers for more than just their wages at the end of the month; and employers recognise that being a good employer goes deeper than paying well. 

Wellbeing has risen up the agenda in HR teams – again, mirroring what we are seeing in society more generally.  Employees look to their employers to meet needs which were once overlooked or exceptional.

HR teams need to balance employee's demands with the needs and realities of the companies in which they operate, including the requirements of customers or clients.  Striking the right balance isn’t always easy.

What is our solution?

Training – One way to engage staff and to provide them with benefits that are more than merely financial, is training.  We offer a range of courses that develop and engage your employees.

Coaching – Coaching is gathering pace as the go-to method for supporting employees as they develop in their careers.  Our coaches can support your employees as they transition up the career ladder.

Legal – We can help you stay on top of of your requirements – making sure that your policies and procedures are up-to-date.

Consulting – Our consultants can provide strategic support drawing on best practice seen in other organisations. 


Equality and diversity

Generational diversity and Gen Z
Equality and diversity
Gender pay
Equal pay
Unconscious bias

The importance of diversity

Equality and diversity have long been something that companies have had to take into account.  The past decade has seen an increased understanding of the benefits that a diverse workforce can bring, along with a greater understanding of what diversity and equality means.  

What is our solution?

Legal – Our lawyers can help you understand the law around equality and diversity, so that your policies and procedures reflect it.   Given the complexities and subtleties of the law in this area, it is not uncommon for us to see disputes  and we can help you if these should arise, be it through mediation or a tribunal claim.

Training – Training can help all of your workforce understand what the law in this area says and helps to highlight unconscious biases that they might have.  This helps generate a more inclusive workforce that better understands each other.

Coaching - Employees are working longer than ever before. Some companies are having to accommodate the needs of  four different generations in the workplace.  Coaching can help support managers working with and supporting different generations.

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Performance management


Managing performance

Unfortunately, even in the most supportive of companies, individual performances can fall short of what is expected.  HR need to support that individual with their development or manage their exit if the performance continues to fall below what is needed.

Often a delicate balancing act is required to give the employee what they need, considering the needs of the business and the legal framework within which we operate.

What is our solution?

Legal – This is a complex area where emotions can often run high.  We can help you navigate the complexities and make sure that your procedures are compliant. 

Coaching - Coaching and improved performance go hand in hand!  Our coaches can work with your employees to get to the heart of the issue and work with them to optimise their performance.

Mediation – This is an area where mediation is often needed. Both sides might feel misunderstood or not represented. Our mediators can work with you to resolve the issues before they escalate.