Virtual Training, Webinars and e-learning

Our training does not have to be delivered face to face.  In our virtual world of working, all of our training courses can be delivered remotely and interactively through an online meeting platform of your choice. Virtual training can be run in small groups, using a variety of different tools including breakout rooms, chats and polls, to ensure engagement.  Being virtual, it can be more cost and time effective as your people can attend from the comfort of where they choose to work.

Choose also from a suite of pre-packaged core online courses or design your own bespoke e-learning modules which can be accessed through your organisation’s own LMS platform or accessed independently.

Our training team’s webinars can either be pre-recorded or broadcast “live” by us or scripted allowing for you to deliver or record yourself.


We can also deliver a programme of online “how to” manager’s guides on how to manage regular and basic management questions, for example, “what to do if… someone is absent” or “what to do if… there is a conduct issue”. These are cost effective and save HR time in having to answer the same questions time and again.


The quiz was very useful. Topics covered were relevant and pertinent to current and existing issues..