A sensitive area

Companies do not operate in a vacuum.  External political and economic forces  can have a profound impact on both the company and its workforce.  HR teams need to be sensitive to both.



The challenge

Brexit is a huge concern for many companies and one where uncertainty continues to prevail.  It will have considerable impact on companies that rely on European workers to meet their organisational requirements; the technology and leisure & hospitality sectors, in particular, have expressed concern over what Brexit could mean for them.

Our solution

Legal – We will keep you updated on what Brexit means for your business. 


Business Immigration : 

  • Help you register as a sponsor - In the future you will need a sponsor licence to employ anyone from outside the UK, including EU citizens. This is a time consuming, complex and lengthy process. Potentially over 900,000 UK employers will need to register, creating huge pressure on an already overwhelmed system. Beat the rush and do it now!

  • Help your staff to protect their status - Existing EU employees will need to register under the EU Settlement Scheme. Make sure they know what they need to do.

  • Protect your sponsor licence - Licensed Sponsorship brings onerous compliance and reporting obligations. It is essential that you fully understand and are up to date with the current rules. If not, you risk losing your valuable licence.

Reaching a Deal



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The challenge

With greater connectivity and technology, the world has become smaller.  Companies look globally to meet their staffing needs.

Our solution

Legal - Getting the right person for the right job is essential for organisations and in many cases, the individual may need permission to work in the UK. Our business immigration team helps clients secure the correct and most appropriate route to enable their employees to work in the UK.

Training - Business immigration, right to work checks and document verification are not always high on an organisation’s agenda. However, recent changes to this area of law now mean that organisations face tougher financial penalties and damage to their reputation if they get it wrong. Our business immigration training courses are delivered by our business immigration and employment lawyers and help to keep you compliant.

The challenge

When companies are struggling financially it is the employees that are hardest hit.  We know that this is an incredibly stressful time for employees and the HR team that has to manage them through a restructuring or redundancy programme.

Our solution

Legal – When HR teams have to deal with a redundancy programme or restructuring, it is important that the right procedure is followed.  This area is high risk and the law is complex.  We can work with you to identify the correct strategy for your restructuring programme and ensure the process is followed fairly and properly.  We can make sure that you are clear what action needs to be taken. We balance your business needs, with the legal procedural requirements.


Coaching – In times of change employees can feel lost and uncertain.  Coaching can be offered as a benefit to employees whose jobs are at risk.  It can also be used to ensure that those who are staying are clear about their roles going forward.